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To bring awareness to veterans’ suicide and various mental health issues by approaching the issue with a hands-on approach; we lead by example

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We look to bring our veteran community together by offering opportunities and events to network and relay useful information that may not be commonly known.

Through various in-person events, we can share information to the veterans that are unaware of opportunities in their area.

We will create an opportunity that organizations can funnel their information through while operating as a trusted source for the veteran community to receive the available assistance.

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1. The military veterans’ wellbeing within our community

2. We continue with the responsibility of having each other in dire times

3. We will create a trusting environment that veterans are able to maintain their trust within

4. We will continue as a military “family” through humor, camaraderie, team morale, and a sense of loyalty that only few have the honor of sharing

Location for the Start of the Hike on March 5, 2022

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2021 Silkies Invasion