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This... an interview with L. Dot (Part 1)

You may have not heard of this rapper, but you will one day. I often get tied up on my words, or I completely forget a word. Sometimes I'm very articulate, and sometimes I sound like my parents met at their family reunion. L. Dot(Dot) does not seem to have that issue. Dot is a pure lyricist. He twist and forms his words into an artistic expression for messages that need to be spread. Speaking of messages, Dot is an amazing leader in his community of Killeen, Texas. Although he still has a life that he must attend to, his natural leadership is magnetic to the people who listen to him. I urge anyone who reads this to go check out his music, and we will have more interviews to come.


Song by L. Dot and Menace - S.I.N. (Strength in Numbers)

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